Sunday, February 2, 2014

DSFAA February General Meeting Monday February 3, 2014

Our Denham Springs Fine Art Association General Meeting will be held Monday, February 3, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building at 941 Government Drive in Denham Springs. Our Guest speaker will be Marita Gentry and below is her bio and a little bit about her. As President of the club I would like to personally invite new and old  to come out and show support for the club and partake in some good food and an interesting program.
Thank you all!
Chris Bajon Jones
President of DSFAA

Artist -Marita Gentry

artist, illustrator, designer, teacher, person.

Welcome to my world!  That is the song my husband sang to me as I came down the isle. That is what I say to you as you browse through my website.
What do I do?
I paint, illustrate, design, and teach art.
Why? Because it is a passion in my head I cant get a way from. I love to interpret a the humor in the character and bring it out. I like to design words.  I love color and the feel of a paint brush full of paint on the canvas.
Why? Because I am starting to like using my wacom pad and pencil...because I love to print out a new design and see if the colors are right. 
Why? I teach because I enjoy passing on my love of creating. I enjoy encouraging people to be creative.  I love to welcome people to a new world.
Who? I am a little girl raised by an artist mom who taught me to believe I could do anything I thought I could.  I was lucky. 
I grew up to marry a great guy who sings really wonderfully.  I grew up some more and had a daughter. She grew up to be beautiful and smart.
What did I do while we all grew up? first just watercolors, then I painted oils, then I decided to try acrylics, then mixed media. I painted for years.  All this time I worked in several art galleries. I decided it was my turn. I stopped working to become a full time artist. Good thing that great guy had a good job.
I painted art! Things looked up.  I started teaching art. Things were looking much better.  I was very very lucky and illustrated a book.  I got more books.  Then I decided I wanted to design.  That is where I am now. I still paint, illustrate, teach, and now design.  I like having a large world. Welcome to my world.   (225)439-6999

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