Wednesday, March 2, 2016

In Loving Memory of DSFAA Member Betty Jean Ainslie

Betty Jean Ainslie

Betty and Jack Ainslie joined the Denham Springs Fine Art Association around sixteen years ago.  From the very beginning of her membership Betty was an active member. She worked on the Hospitality, Membership, Publicity, Program committees, and  was a long time DSFAA Board member.  As chair woman for the Hospitality committee Betty organized the food for monthly meetings, the receptions for DSFAA, and Christmas party.  Refreshments are a major part of the DSFFA meetings, it makes the meetings fun and sociable.  The Social and Hospitality committee work hard to give something extra to the meetings. Betty was a big part of this and worked to keep DSFAA growing but fun. She and Jack faithfully attended regular monthly meetings,the board meetings, receptions and parties.   Betty entered art in many of the DSFAA shows.  She was delighted when she won a ribbon but praised all the artists who entered the shows to support DSFAA.  Everything she did was thought out and hands on. Betty always had opinions and good advice, she even did a program for the entire club one month.  The members adored Betty and Jack, appreciated all the help and support they gave to the club and to individual members.  She and Jack were fun members, treasured by DSFAA.  Both Betty and Jack will be missed.

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