Sunday, October 19, 2014

Denham Springs Fine Art Association Fall Art Show Results

DSFAA 2014 Fall Themed Show  “Color Emotions” 

Ferris:  Congratulations on a wonderful show. I enjoy themed shows immensely.  Everyone’s creativity is centered around that theme.  So hopefully you enjoy my decisions, it’s a great show, and always an honor to come see ya’ll. And I’ll end with a quote from my friend and yours ‘Pablo Picasso’….”The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”.
Thank you all for finding your gift and for sharing it with all of us.  Ferris.

Works Under Glass:

Ferris: “Under glass was wonderful as in the capture of the lights and darks are perfect”

1st – Captain Steampunk by Cheri Fry
2nd – Joyful Freedom – Sunset across the Rio Bravo by A. Lynne Jones
3rd – I Spy Bugs by Bonnie Smith-Williams

1st HM – Oyster on Half Shell by Chris Bajon Jones
2nd HM -  Picket Fence by Cheri Fry
3rd HM – Fish Pond by Joette LeBlanc


Works NOT under Glass:

Ferris: “Not under glass was not as hard as under Glass for the same strange reason. In Not under glass, I was immediately drawn to the first place winner, the theme was very present in this piece along with it’s title. Second, third, and the HMs all followed the theme nicely.

1st – Rush Hour by Edith McCon
2ndLouisiana Grazers by Pat Keller
3rdOrange Gerbers by Margaret Shipley

1st HM – Daddy, trout fishing in Galvin Creek, LaSalle Parish, LA by Mary Jane Hunt
2nd HM – Frolicking Field by Chris Bajon Jones
3rd HM – Purple Bearded Iris by Kathy Tedaldi
4th HM – Yellow Apple by Margaret Shipley



Ferris: “The photos I chose are the theme, color, and emotion, nothing follows this theme more than nature”.

1st – Denham Sunset by Peggy Schwab

1st HM – Mural of Rapture by Charlotte Walker
2nd HM – Bengal Beauty by Rae Robert



Ferris: “The miniatures were the same as in photography with each showing great color and wonderful shadows.

1st – Crayfish by Pat Zeller

1st HM – Twin Cypress by Margaret Shipley
2nd HM – Abandoned by Pat Zeller

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