Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tom Wallace Memorial Art Wall at Ochsners Medical Center

 Elizabeth Thompson, Bonnie Williams, Derrell Robinson, Sarah Wallace and Gwin Brister
 Derrell Robinson
Gwin Brister

Remembering Tom Wallace
Elizabeth Thompson, Bonnie Smith Williams, Derrell Robinson, Sarah Wallace, Gwin Brister are in the photo. The group met to take down art and hang Derrell and Gwin's work for the month of March and April.  The afternoon  with Sarah Wallace and Amy Delany was spent remembering Tom and  giving Sarah a tour on what has been happening with the art wall. A number of people stopped while we were changing the paintings to say how much they loved seeing art on the wall. How it made their day brighter to have something interesting to view. Tom Wallace was responsible for getting artists work to and from Ochsner's hospital to hang on the art wall. He organized shows every two months and worked so hard to keep work on the wall. At his death the hospital named the wall the Tom Wallace Memorial Art Wall. At that time Elizabeth Thompson took over Tom's job of bringing the work to and from the artists. She organized the shows on the wall until 2013.  Bonnie Smith Williams is helping now, by maintaining a list of artists who want to display art on the wall. Many thanks to Amy Delany and the hospital for being supporters of the arts.

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