Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DSFAA 2013 Fall Show "Fall In Love With Louisiana" Results

Works Not Under Glass:
1st   Martha Newell; 'Light Snow'
2nd  Sandra Middleton; 'Pansies'
3rd   Pat Zeller; 'Homegrown'
Honorable Mention  Mary Head; 'Contortionist'
Works Under Glass:
1st   Cheri Fry; 'French Market Apples'
2nd  Derrell Robinson; ' 7 Past 7 '
3rd  Lynne Jones; 'Grand Isle'
Honorable Mention  Chris Jones; 'Redfish Swirl'
1st   Rae Roberts; 'Zero Visibility'
2nd  Charlotte Walker; 'Only in Louisiana'
1st Honorable Mention   Margaret Shipley; 'All Except the Chimney'
2nd Honorable Mention  Chris Jones; ' Lake At Sunset'

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you for your participation.

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