Monday, October 8, 2012

DSFAA Fall Art Show "Free To Be Me" Winners

Works Under Glass:
1st Place - Derrel Robinson "Untitled" ink
2nd Place -Gwin Brister "Anna" graphite
3rd Place - Calvin Balencie "Evening in Lafitte" watercolor

Honorable Mentions:
Margaret Elgin "Astro" graphite
Pat Zeller 'Sammy" pastels
Calvin Balencie "Destin Dunes" watercolor

Works NOT Under Glass:
1st Place : Margaret Shipley "Rural Cottage" oils
2nd Place: Pat Zeller "Apples" oils
3rd Place : Peggy Schwab "Roses" acrylics

Honorable Mentions:
Margaret Shipley "Louisiana Oaks" oils

1st Place- Charlotte Walker "Just One More Stick"
Honorable Mention -A. Lynne Jones "Staphelia Gigantea Cactus Flower"

14 artist with a total of 43 entries

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